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About Us

D's Pizza has been a family owned and operated business since 1995.  D's has always and continue to focus on serving amazing food and providing great service to the Fryeburg area.  We use our years of experience in the hospitality industry to provide new menu selections and specials.

D's Pizza is known for its extensive menu featuring appetizers, hot and cold signature sandwiches, wraps & subs, pasta, desserts, gluten free options, New York Style specialty pizzas and the 20" "party" sized pizza (the largest in the Mount Washington Valley).  

The 10 inch individual pizza is a small version of the original New York style.  If you want something truly individual for your pizza enjoyment, a 10 inch pizza is a good way to go.

The 12 inch has a thicker crust and is a good choice for two people.


The 16 inch pizza is our most popular.  Cut into eight slices serving up to 4 people.   

The 20 inch is our truest expression of New York Style.  Cut into twelve slices to spread the joy around serving up to 6 people.  

Come in and check out our daily specials or grab a fresh hot out of the oven slice.  Family friendly with plenty of seating for large groups or a couples night out.  We know you'll be glad you stopped in to enjoy a meal at D's Pizza located in the Fryeburg Plaza, 113 Bridgton Rd, Route 302, Fryeburg, Maine.


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